The data inside the instrument can be deleted using one of the two methods  
- Using the Manager 

- Using the Bulk Eraser utility

Using the Manager 
Pro: Easy one click action in the same application
Con: The instrument will take longer to start when connected back in the car , as it needs to do the delete task before working again.

Using the Bulk eraser

Pro: The instrument will only have to find satellite signal when connected back in the car, less wait time before you can use it.

Con: You need to download and start a different app to delete the data.

Deleting internal data inside the instrument does not delete any data already in your database.

Before you delete 

  • Do a sync 
  • Validate your data is OK
  • Make a backup of your data 

Remember , TripLogik does not store any of your data , you are in charge of your files and backups and privacy.

How to backup Manager 2.0  

Method 1 ,  Using the Manager 2.0
Open the TripLogik Manager 2.0 application
Connect your instrument to the computer, using the USB cable

Follow the numbered steps in the image 
1) When the logger is detected by the computer, Click on the Settings Menu 

2) Select the instrument tab

3) ensure you are selecting the proper instrument via the serial number
4) Click on the Delete all Trips inside the instrument
5) Confirm you really want to delete the data inside the instrument 

6) Click OK to close

Please take note
Your logger will perform a maintenance of its memory next time you plug it back in your car

This will look like your instrument is not working for 1 to 3 minutes while it is formatting its memory .
It will then get its initial fix with satellites. During this time, the instrument will not be recording .

If the windows is not editable

Reason 1: 
Your instrument is not connecting to the PC 
If the instrument does not show as connected (bottom right)
It will be impossible to edit the internal setting or delete data from it.
Connect the instrument, Close the settings windows and reopen the settings menu. 

Reason 2 : 
You are not logged in with the proper user 
The Manager will prevent a user from editing or deleting an other users data or instrument
If the settings is not working, (other than reason 1) You are not logged in with the proper user.
Only the admin user can edit everyone else's data or instrument.
If you are not logged in as the administrator, the USERS menu will be deactivated , as all other users do not have permission to edit, modify or delete data from the central database or other users .

What to do 
1- Logout out of the Manager
2- Login with admin user

In the login screen, you can scroll through the list of users
Select the Admin and login to the Manager

Click on the Users menu

Item 1 (image below)

The Padlock indicated the Main user . This is the owner of the TripLogik Account.

This user can't be deleted as this is your account ID membership.

Item 2 (image below)

This is the administrator Privilege selector. 

By checking this setting, it will make this user an Admin.   

Be aware that any Admin can access everyone's data. Including erasing data, changing passwords, deleting instrument inside other users instrument.

Method 2 ,  Using the Bulk Eraser utility 

Close the TripLogik Manager 2.0 application ( VERY IMPORTANT)
Connect your instrument to the computer, using the USB cable

1) When the logger is detected by the computer, its information will show under the instrument image 

2) If there is a password in the instrument , you must enter it

Lost password ?

3) When the password is accepted, the Erase button will be unlocked
4) Click on the Erase button to start  

5) When erasing is started, a green progress bar will show % completed   

6) When erase is completed , you can disconnect the instrument and close the utility .

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