How to diagnose my TL1000

You must first determine the nature of the problem whether it is the instrument, the power cable , the 12 Volts source os the car to the OBD power supply , the car fuse, etc.


Does the TL1000 communicate when connected to your PC?

When connected to the PC, the USB port will be detected

The serial number will appear at the bottom right

Click on the setting  menu to select Instrument

Instrument details will display


Check the instrument silicone button

If the button get stuck the TL1000 will stop recording and the GPS will not work

Put the instrument to your ear and press the button, if it does not "click" like a computer mouse, it is possible that the button is pressed or blocked, Try to move it to remove dust that could interfere with proper operation

If the button appears to be working well, proceed to step 3


To make a diagnostic test , please check the following items

1) Connect the TL1000 to your PC, wait for the USB port to connect to the device,
 and click on sync if synchronization starts normally, wait for the end.

Close Triplogik Manager Software

Download the diagnostic software from the following link: TL1000Tester.exe

With the TL1000 plug into the PC, run the diagnostic software

The device serial number will appear at the bottom

Cliquer on GO

When the application show "Please Press Waypoint button"

Click on the instrument button 

If the message "Check Vibration Sensor. nudge logger if necessary" appears

tap the instrument to trigger the vibration detector

At the end of the test, the sound signal will be heard to confirm the correct operation of the test

If all tests say "passed" go to the nest step


If you have several devices, it is possible to connect the suspected instrument using another power supply in another car.

If the device is working, test the OBDII power supply cable in the car or the TL1000 is functional

If the cable and TL1000 do not work in the other car, the cable may be at fault.

If the cable and TL1000 are working in the other car, check the fuse in the car that powers the OBDII port

Retest with the power cable and TL1000 in the running car


If the instrument does not light up with the OBD cable

Test the instrument with a phone charger

If the instrument lights with an adapter other than the OBD cable.

Check the status of the OBDII cable and the fuse of the car that powers it

We recommend testing the OBD cable with the TL1000 in another car

to find out if your take in the car is not involved


DO NOT use USB plugs... WHY?

There are two main reasons.

 1) The USB sockets in your car allow you to charge your devices, but also to communicate with your car (multimedia radio, etc.)  If you plug your instrument into one of these USB sockets, the radio or multimedia module will immediately attempt to communicate with the TL1000. For your instrument, this is the equivalent of communicating with your PC in this situation the instrument disable its GPS function to get into data transfer mode. The instrument will not ring and no recording is possible in this mode.

 2) If a USB socket is not connected to your radio, there is a good chance that it will stop working when the car is switched off. The GPS must recover the connection with the satellites at each departure, and this can take several seconds or even minutes. If you leave before the GPS is ready, your starting points and distances will always be wrong.


This is the reason to use the provided USB/OBD cable with the instrument

If your instrument doesn’t seem to work after plugging it into an integrated USB port of your car, and there might be a chance its internal configuration was affected , refer to Step 5 


If your instrument communicates with the PC

1) Make sure you have done a complete sync of your recorder’s motion data

2) Download the "TL1000 Firmware updater 

3) Close any other Triplogik software

4) Connect the TL1000 to the PC and run the software "TL1000 Firmware updater.exe"

5) Once completed, disconnect TL1000 from PC and close software

6) Download Bulk eraser tool

7) Connect the TL1000 to the PC and run the software "Bulk Eraser tool 

8) When the TL1000 is erased, reconnect it to the vehicle and wait between 3 and 5 minutes.

9) Make a small trip to make sure the TL1000 is working


( with the TL1000 connected to the PC) Click on the configuration menu

  1. Setting menu
  2. Select Instrument 
  3. Select the indicators mentioned in step 3
  4. Select force new trip start 
  5. Click OK to apply