When a user needs to be replaced 

For example an employee leave the company and a new one will take his place, 

There are two methods, depending on your configuration

  • Reassignment of an instrument in the same database (When used on the Same physical PC)
  • Reallocation of an instrument from different databases (When used on two different PC)

Reassigning an instrument in the same database 

If you are using a single PC with all your users in the same database

If you are reusing the old users PC

1) Add the new user to the list

    Open user Menu , click add user and edit , click Save

2) Click on the instrument tab in the Users and instrument menu 

    Select the instrument to be reassigned 

    Click on the reassign instrument and select t he new user of this instrument
    Click OK and OK again to close the menu

Reassigning an instrument from different databases  
If you are using multiple PC and the users are set in different databases ( 2 users with 2 PC)

1) Create the new user in the new PC

     Open user Menu , click add user and edit , click Save 

2) Open a support ticket  and ask for a user transfer
     Create a new support ticket here http://triplogik.freshdesk.com/en/support/home 

     Ticket must Include 
     - The old user email 
     - The new user email 

     - The serial number of the instrument

Since those users are like independent clients, the transfer must be done by TripLogik from one user to an other. 


- Failure to complete step 1 will prevent the process from working . 

- Ticket with missing information will automatically be deleted.