This article explains the different Usernames and passwords used with TripLogik systems
In order to better explain and define the different user name and password you you might get across while using TripLogik
We have put together a detailed explanation about them in this article.

There are 3 types of login password used by any user of the TripLogik system 

Instrument Password 

Manager Application Password 

Help Desk Password 

Instrument Replacement Note  
If you are replacing a defective or lost instrument with a brand new one,
the Manager application will ask you for an instrument password.
The default password for new instrument is always it's serial number that is written on the bottom label.

Instrument password 

Instruments can be configured with a password
By default, there is no password already set.

What it is used for ?
The instrument uses this password as a key to encode the data inside the instrument memory to protect your privacy in case it gets lost or stolen. It prevents anyone, with a Manager application on his PC, from reading your data.

Then why is it asking for a password now ?

The instrument password is stored inside the instrument.

You may not remember when you put one in, but if it is asking for a password, it means it was set up by you.

Whenever you add an instrument to the Manager, you need to match the password inside the instrument to be able to read any information from it.

The old Manager 1.2 never asked for it !
In fact, Manager 1.2 had a checkmark to tell it not to ask again . If it was not asking, you had checked the setting.

Manager 2.0 doesn't know what password is in the instrument.  

LOST INSTRUMENT PASSWORD,   I don't remember the password !
If you need a password restore, you need to open a support ticket

Please read more on how to restore your instrument password here 


If you decide to change the password instead of restoring it, This will delete all data stored inside the instrument.

Manager 2.0 application User Password

This is the user and password used to open the Manager 2.0 application and is also used to connect the application to the TripLogik Map server

Types of users 
There are 2 levels of user in the Manager

  • Administrator
  • Local user

The admin user is the owner of the Triplogik Map account
This account is also a local user to whom you can assign an instrument.
If you only have one instrument in the Manager, you are by default the admin.
There is no need to create a local user if you only have one instrument 

Local user 

Local users are created for all other instrument you would like to user with the Manager 2.0
You only need to create local users for all other instrument that are not used by the admin

Usage example 
- You are the manager , and own 3 instruments in the company.
- You would like to have all trips managed from one computer.
- One of the instrument is yours.

  1. Install the Manager 2 on your PC. 
  2. The first user name created, while installing the application, is the administrator.  
  3. Add your own instrument to your administrator user account.
  4. Add the two other users and do not check the administrator checkmark.
  5. Add their instrument to their account.

If you reinstall the Manager application
If you reinstall the Manager on a new PC , you must reuse the same user account and password.

If you forget your administrator password

  1. Select the user that is the administrator
  2. Click on I forgot my password 
  3. follow instruction, and the password will be sent to the email registered in the Triplogik Map account

Help Desk Password

PLEASE NOTE the help Desk user name and password are NOT the same as your Manager password .

You must create a profile in the help desk website before requesting support.

Click on the login or signup to open or create a new HelpDesk profile.

  1. If you forgot your password , click on the forgot password link
  2. If you don't have a profile, click on sign up