The TL1000 plugs into a standard USB port on a PC computer 

The instrument uses the USB 2 standard but in general, USB 3 ports are compatible with all USB 2 devices

If your instrument no longer appears to be detected

In this document you will find four sections

  1. Check the cable
  2. Computer USB port
  3. Tools for experimented users 
  4. Microsoft Patch  

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Device has malfunctioned windows does not recognize the device (Windows 10) 

Troubleshooting windows USB 

1) Check the cable

USB cable

Be sure to use the cable supplied with your device which is a standard USB cable.

Be careful  about USB OTG cables

OTG (USB on-the-go) cables have the same exterior appearance but are not standard.

The internal configuration is different. They are used with external hard drives, digital cameras or smartphone.

OTG CABLES DO NOT WORK with TL1000 TripLogik 

Images below highlight the difference between the two cables
They will look identical from the outside .
TripLogik only works with standard cables, not OTG


2) Computer USB port

First thing to try

  • plug in the cable into a different USB socket
  • Plug something else into the port to check if it is working properly

Driver "Driver" USB?

The TL1000 does not use any specific USB driver. 

Communication is provided only and directly by the standard communication driver of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS


Following updates by Microsoft, it is common for several USB devices to stop working. (specially in older windows 10) 

This is in no way related to the the drivers itself, but rather to poor driver management or windows 10. 

The drivers often most affected are the standard Windows drivers and printer drivers that disappear.

Make sure you always have the latest updates of your operating system.

In the majority of cases, printer drivers must be reinstalled.


In some cases, as a result of updates, Microsoft Windows will need to find all devices that were previously connected to USB ports even if they were already connected and worked before. 

Even if the computer doesn’t seem to be doing anything, it is likely that Windows is looking to configure the devices in the background. This can take a few minutes several tens of minutes (see even hours) on some PC versions 7 and 8.

It is recommended you have an internet connection in case windows need to look up an update from the internet.

3) Tools for experimented users 

In some cases , it might be necessary to use special tool to troubleshoot USB problems.

Usbdeview is a universal USB diagnostic tool, designed to diagnose PC , drivers and devices connected to USB ports.

Used by experts, it is available free of charge on the website of the company Nirsoft

nirsoft website

Nirsoft software download links 
Software USBdeview page

usbdeview 64 bit version  usbdeview 64bit
Note: TripLogik does not offer support on nirsoft software. We only provide the reference to an excellent diagnostic tool. 

Usbdview will display all devices that have already been plugged in and highlight those that are currently running on the PC 

The example below is an example of what the software displays when a TL1000 is plugged in.

Make sure you instrument is plugged into the PC

If your instrument is not displayed in green, ( if you scroll in the list ) you can force Windows to detect it

  • Find the line that includes your serial number in the "Serial Number" column
  • Right-click on the grey line that contains your serial number ( starting with Tl1000xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Select  "Uninstall Selected Device"

  • This will erase the device in the Windows list
  • Afterwards, you can disconnect the instrument from the PC , and reconnect it.
  • A new detection will start and should be displayed in green, once registered in Windows 

More information about this tool and others

USB not connecting, USB not detected , Troubleshooting windows USB 

4) Microsoft Patch 

Windows 10 contains a widely documented "bug" about USB3 ports

The problem
Either Windows does not always detect USB devices, or Windows disables the power supply to the port, as the OS feels that the device does not consume enough power.

If the USB port gets turned off, interrupted by Windows, the Manager will not  communicate with the instrument,

The solution  
Microsoft never published an official fix for this error.

Although this is not a problem cause by the TripLogik hardware to software, TripLogik was able to identify the registry setting responsible for the USB port behavior.

please refer to article link below
Device has malfunctioned windows does not recognize the device (Windows 10) 


Even if you have already installed the patch, it is possible that Microsoft updates will force you to redo it