If you need to install or update the Manager in case the internal updater is not working , here's how to do it.


If you are updating, it is always a good idea to backup your work first
We always suggest making a backup before the update , and immediately after the update.
This is important as there might be file revisions, and this will ensure you have both versions available in case of a problem.
Read on How to make a backup here


Download the latest installer file from the triplogik Website
Visit the following page, and scroll to the bottom Manager 2.0 download link here 
Click on one of the file to download it to your PC

Start installer 

Once you have downloaded the file ,double click on the file to start the installer

Select the language , if required, and click on next

This will install the version in the title , if OK click Next

Accept the license and click Next

Do not change any folder settings, and click Next

Last chance to quit installer.. Click Install to start

Installer will start doing its job

If the installer complete normally, the completed message will show.
Click Finish . The Manager will start after a few seconds